How does the USPS realize how to forward mail to another location?

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Adrien Wild, Specialist (2016-present) — The mail station forms mail as indicated by sweeps of the location, or if that doesn't work, somebody eyeballs and sorts by hand. At last, it is up to the bearer to make a... (more)

Does USPS have an office in Enugu, Nigeria?

John Lloyd

how can i track a package without a tracking number

John Lloyd, works at U.S. Postal Service

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When you send letters to Nigeria, or some other nation, conveyance is taken care of by that nation's mail station.

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Rajpal Sagar

Is $161.00 an exact cost for 36 bundles under 7oz each, or did USPS trick me?

Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards, works at U.S. Postal Service

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On the off chance that you sent them at the Post Office you ought to have gotten a receipt which should give you the following #, th…

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The USPS would work at a benefit notwithstanding extra annuity financing prerequisites that congress has saddled them with. On the off chance that it was allowed to work like an ordinary business it would be significantly more gainful.

Envision whatever other business that is required to keep up areas at little rustic areas with practically no clients. Also, they visit pretty much every home and business in the United States 6 times each week. The sheer greatness of the task is incredible. They will physically convey a letter from one end of the nation to the next for about $0.50. A long separation pay telephone call would cost more than that.

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On the off chance that there is any office that is too huge to come up short it is the USPS. Main concern, they won't go bankrupt, in spite of all the bitching and groaning from Congress, they had $68 Billion in income in 2014, …